Common Running Injuries

The risk of you sustaining an injury related to running is higher than what most people think. This, as a running player, it is very important for to be aware of different injuries that usually are related to running and also how to protect them. Thus, what are the most common running injuries and how can I prevent them?

1. Blisters
Blisters are one of the common running injuries; they are caused by the constant rubbing shoe mainly against the skin. These effects can affect the toes, the heel, and anywhere in between. However, you should be aware of how to prevent the blisters: generally, it’s recommendable to wear shoes that effectively fit the feet. Wearing shoes that’s one size too big or small will result in you suffering from occasional blisters.
Another thing to note here is that, when you run, your feet will sweat. Hence you’ll have to wear a pair of socks that are long enough to go past the top of your shoes, so as to avoid having blisters at your ankles.

2. Runner’s Knee
Runner’s knee usually comes due to the overworking of your knees (from running long distances consistently) over a period of time. In order to prevent them, stretching is one of the best ways to prevent any physical injuries related to running. Be sure you stretch all the muscles and tendons before you start running. Your muscles should be well warmed up before you do any running.

Also, do some squats and lunges to build up your hamstrings, shins, and calves of your legs, because the stronger they are, the less likely you’ll suffer from runner’s knee.

3. Sore Muscles
When you over-do your running activities, you could end up with sore muscles. Sore muscles are caused as a result of tiny tears in the muscle fibers. In order to prevent the sore muscles, Make sure you properly warm up your muscles before you take off on a run. Start your run slowly, and gradually increase your pace. Another thing you can do is to have a hot bath or a massage after your run to help relieve your sore muscles for a faster recovery.

4. Chafing
Chafing is one of the running injuries that is caused when the clothes regularly rub against the skin, causing some rashes to form mainly around the entire area. Additionally, one can also get the chafing while running in the rain. To prevent them it’s advisable to wear sportswear that is specially made for running. They have flat seams, not round seams, which can help prevent chafing. Also, they fit better and don’t shift around while you’re running.

5. Heel Fissures
Cracks in your feet are called heel fissures. They are caused by dry feet, coupled with constant running, which over time, breaking open the skin, resulting in bleeding and subsequently, an infection around the area (for more severe cases). In order to prevent the heel fissure apply moisturizer on it if you find that your feet are dry. Also, try not to wear sandals or open shoes (even when not running) so as to avoid drying out your feet.


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